It’s time to watch animated movies on Aha OTT… Let’s check the highlights of ChhotaBheemMayanagari


The latest OTT platforms brought to watch movies online. The aha streaming is different from among other OTTs. It came to bring exclusive Telugu movies online. It is also facilitated to watch animated films like the super hit series of ChhotaBheem. Recently they added ChhotaBheemMayanagari, which was the best mythological fantasy fiction in ChhotaBheem hit series. Mythological fiction will give knowledge about what’s wrong and what’s right to the children. The can children also know about ethics and moralities by watching that myth fiction, as the films contain many characters that depict ethics and honesty. There are many advantages to showing the animated mythological fantasies to the children that they quickly know about ancient history, ancient characters, and many other things instead of reading books.

ChhotaBheemMayanagari came in 2011 and owned lakhs of children’s hearts. Let’s check the highlights of ChhotaBheemMayanagari.

Characters: ChhotaBheem, Krishna,

Direction: Rajiv Chilaka

Screenplay: Raj Viswanadha

Production Company: Green Gold Animations

Music: Sunil Kaushik



The director Rajiv Chilaka created this fantastic mythological fantasy fiction ChhotaBheemMayanagari with the Indian superhero of animation world ChhotaBheem and Krishna.

Maayandri, a fantom, will make everything to revive her sibling, Kirmanda, from the dead! Regardless of whether it implies catching Krishna and constraining him to play out the demonstration. Krishna, who falls prey to Maayandri’s mischievous plot, sends a misery call for help to Bheem. In spite of the fact that Bheem and his companions hurry to Krishna’s salvage, the demoness prevails with regards to catching Bheem also! Check out this new, activity stuffed film – ChhotaBheem: Mayanagri, to see whether the two legends figure out how to spare the Earth and foil Maayandri’s endeavor to bring Kirmanda back.

Highlights film “ChhotaBheemMayanagari”:

Rajiv Chilaka, the director of ChhotaBheem series, directed the film ChhotaBheemMayanagari. He included all the thrilling elements like fantasy, magic, and adventures in this film. The filming of adventure scenes led by ChhotaBheem was terrific.

The scenes between the main leads ChhotaBheem and Maayandri, will thrill the children. The characterization of Maayandri gave scope to Bheem to do higher adventures and magics with the help of Krishna.

Sunil Kaushik’s background music strengthened each scene in the film. The tight screenplay made the movie feel rather bored somewhere.

ChhotaBheem creator Rajeev captivated the audience with his magic mantras. Bheem’s adventures in the film, Mayandri tricks, and mantras will impress children and adults alike. In this film, the director touches on two genres, fantasy and mythological. The director has created every scene to impress, with many fantastic events taking place throughout the film.

The most impressive film in the ChhotaBheem series is not only for children but also for the family to enjoy. Click here to watch kids movies online.


Finally:  ChhotaBheemMayanagari is a double entertainer to your children with amazing adventures and magic. It’s worth watching with the entire family.

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