Have traditional health benefits led people to bankruptcy?

After starting this memorable article that clearly shows why we need and deserve more health benefits in the United States, we now come to the surprising fact about the common sense component of personal finance in the United States.

Health insurance Health insurance? Health insurance Can you believe it?

Traditional health benefits are ruining people. People like you. Better believe that.

And keep this in mind, the health benefits are often not suitable for the unique situation of each working family, and the unique situation of most families is to live on the edge of chaos, as we all know, and therefore, a terribly unpleasant percentage of people broke up relying on health benefits, to protect them

What a bad move.

The notorious Harvard cabinet

I know you can’t wait to know the bankruptcy of this health benefit. And simply what you scratch. Or tear your hair.

There was a study now known as the infamous Harvard Study, and you can’t wait to solve it.

This is a Harvard study that tells the story of bankruptcy medical insurance, and these are its highlights:

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  • Disgusting 6 out of 10 of all bankruptcies due to medical expenses
  • The staggering 2 million Americans are forced to submit to medical bankruptcy every year, including this year, right now. And that? This is five times the population of Atlanta. This is an American family, his neighbor, his colleague, who is ruined due to a doctor’s simple bill every 45 seconds! And it’s getting bigger and bigger, as I’m sure you can imagine, right?
  • I know it’s hard to believe. Can you believe in this absurdity?
  • His colleagues will go bankrupt due to medical bills of 15 to 20 thousand dollars.
  • These millions, whose finances, credit and self-esteem are destroyed every 45 seconds due to inadequate medical attention. And do you imagine these people as poor, rich or middle class? And without medical insurance or very poor medical insurance? Incredibly, they belong to the middle class, like most of the people around them, they went to university, they own a house and, this is unpleasant, they have medical insurance! Traditional health insurance “my company’s reward plan”! Read it again. Yes, traditional health insurance is the same that you receive as a benefit from your work.

Oh lord and at the end of the day, the verdict is the same. You know it and remember it, right? And the incontrovertible conclusion is that nobody is safe without adequate lighting.

And as long as the multitudes of families like yours are financially destroyed during the time you read each word and the paragraph you read, it is obvious that our traditional health benefits are not safe!

And, of course, once again, the conclusion and decision are voluntary benefits to protect us where traditional health benefits definitely do not

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