• After watching this movie, you can tell why horses are soo faithful like dogs

    Live theatre has sought inventive ways to adapt in a COVID-19 setting, where performances have been forced to relocate online to survive. However, the democratization of theatre and TV may be the only solace with virtual theatre faces a slew of new obstacles, beginning with the inability of actors to interact with the vitality of a live audience. To watch the latest movies, you need not go to other places but watch Telugu movies online watch Aha TV.

    Movies have always entertained us, but we tend to overlook the section where the director attempts to depict what our world is doing now or what could happen shortly due to our current behavior. Movies appeal to a large audience, and they have a significant influence on how our culture functions. Now you can find and watch aha on various devices, including mobile, tablet, web, smart TV, and streaming devices. Download and manage your favorite content when it’s convenient for you. At Aha Tv, you can get Telugu movies online watchthe latest films and series.

    Know about gypsy movie

    Gypsy is a very famous film about faith and tolerance that arrives at an opportune moment. The country has just experienced one of the most violent communal protests in recent memory, with over 40 people killed and hundreds wounded.

    Despite its shortcomings, Raju Murugan’s storytelling has an underlying honesty that cannot be overlooked. He explains to the audience how innocent people are often victims of political agendas. Gypsy isn’t turned into a message film by Raju Murugan, but it does have an ineffective and rushed climax. Gypsy refuses to obey commercial dictates. However, I believe the film could have been much better. This movie also teaches us that why horses are soo faithful like dogs. The movie’s whole story is very charming, and you will not get bored during the entire film. You will get entertained the entire time with the exciting story of the movie. 


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  • Telugu Comedy Web Series That Has Adult Comedy

    Telugu Comedy Web Series That Has Adult Comedy

    Shit happens is an adult comedy web series written and directed by Prasanth Kumar Dimmala. Watching this mini-series will be your best time spent with your friends on this chilling weekend. It is an Aha original comedy web series for the young generation. It is the one and only Telugu web series that has adult comedy which is quite new to our industry. It is a must-watch and would be a great deal in your Telugu new web series watch-list.

    Web Series Information:

    Actor:  Sri HarshaChemudu, Sameer Malla, Tarun Shetty, Prudhvi Raj

    Director: Prasanth Kumar Dimmala

    Seasons: 1

    Episodes: 5

    Release date: 15 Feb 2020

    Genre: Adult Comedy, Crime, Suspense

    Production company:

    Platform: Aha

    Story Line:

    Shit happens is a story of three friends Harsha, Sameer and Sathvik who don’t have much luck with girls. They were even called a “DRY BATCH” which referred to their virginity. All their attempts in their colleges have gone dried and with such bullies around, they wanted to show their capacity. Even with such innocence, they try to hire a prostitute to prove their capacity. But things take a different turn when they find out the girl who they hired, was dead at their home. As three of them have got typical families who didn’t approve of them having romantic relationships since the beginning, they are feared to death. They put hard efforts to get the body out of their home without their families doubting them and plans to decide what to do later. The fear they had makes them choose the rough paths and even gets the police involved by accident. The twists and turns they face will just blow their minds every second and what happens eventually is the most adventurous trip and experience they will ever have.

    Technical Assets:

    • The storyline is very different and new to all Telugu audience and direct has made sure that his point reaches to the audience
    • Music is not that mentionable but the audience will not go out of the zone.
    • Dialogues are the ultimate!! The dialogue writer has made it very local and connected to every youth with the Hyderabadi accent.
    • Cinematography is neat and clear!
    • The screenplay is perfect!

    Why To Watch Shit Happens?

    • To get connected to the characters, characters seem very relatable and the story is friendly.
    • Artist performance will lure the audience to watch the series again and again.
    • To experience the local language. The connectivity of the language is more important than anything right?
    • Harsha, as we already know he is the best comedian we got in Telugu movies.
    • To laugh out loud, the series will make you laugh harder and even more hard with its dialogues and adult comedy.
    • the bold portrayal of adult comedy, it’s a good experiment of this new genre.

    It’s a fun movie to laugh in every scene. People who love the comedy genre must watch this. viewers can watch shithappens webseries online only on Aha.

  • It’s time to watch animated movies on Aha OTT… Let’s check the highlights of ChhotaBheemMayanagari


    The latest OTT platforms brought to watch movies online. The aha streaming is different from among other OTTs. It came to bring exclusive Telugu movies online. It is also facilitated to watch animated films like the super hit series of ChhotaBheem. Recently they added ChhotaBheemMayanagari, which was the best mythological fantasy fiction in ChhotaBheem hit series. Mythological fiction will give knowledge about what’s wrong and what’s right to the children. The can children also know about ethics and moralities by watching that myth fiction, as the films contain many characters that depict ethics and honesty. There are many advantages to showing the animated mythological fantasies to the children that they quickly know about ancient history, ancient characters, and many other things instead of reading books.

    ChhotaBheemMayanagari came in 2011 and owned lakhs of children’s hearts. Let’s check the highlights of ChhotaBheemMayanagari.

    Characters: ChhotaBheem, Krishna,

    Direction: Rajiv Chilaka

    Screenplay: Raj Viswanadha

    Production Company: Green Gold Animations

    Music: Sunil Kaushik



    The director Rajiv Chilaka created this fantastic mythological fantasy fiction ChhotaBheemMayanagari with the Indian superhero of animation world ChhotaBheem and Krishna.

    Maayandri, a fantom, will make everything to revive her sibling, Kirmanda, from the dead! Regardless of whether it implies catching Krishna and constraining him to play out the demonstration. Krishna, who falls prey to Maayandri’s mischievous plot, sends a misery call for help to Bheem. In spite of the fact that Bheem and his companions hurry to Krishna’s salvage, the demoness prevails with regards to catching Bheem also! Check out this new, activity stuffed film – ChhotaBheem: Mayanagri, to see whether the two legends figure out how to spare the Earth and foil Maayandri’s endeavor to bring Kirmanda back.

    Highlights film “ChhotaBheemMayanagari”:

    Rajiv Chilaka, the director of ChhotaBheem series, directed the film ChhotaBheemMayanagari. He included all the thrilling elements like fantasy, magic, and adventures in this film. The filming of adventure scenes led by ChhotaBheem was terrific.

    The scenes between the main leads ChhotaBheem and Maayandri, will thrill the children. The characterization of Maayandri gave scope to Bheem to do higher adventures and magics with the help of Krishna.

    Sunil Kaushik’s background music strengthened each scene in the film. The tight screenplay made the movie feel rather bored somewhere.

    ChhotaBheem creator Rajeev captivated the audience with his magic mantras. Bheem’s adventures in the film, Mayandri tricks, and mantras will impress children and adults alike. In this film, the director touches on two genres, fantasy and mythological. The director has created every scene to impress, with many fantastic events taking place throughout the film.

    The most impressive film in the ChhotaBheem series is not only for children but also for the family to enjoy. Click here to watch kids movies online.


    Finally:  ChhotaBheemMayanagari is a double entertainer to your children with amazing adventures and magic. It’s worth watching with the entire family.