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Top level countries which are having the highest illiteracy rates

It is a well known fact that it is quite impossible to survive in the future world of technology without the knowledge and proper education. Probably, each and every country in the world has given a certain level of efforts to eliminate the illiteracy ratio in their nation. While a few countries are developed in all the aspects, some countries are striving towards its development. Without any doubts, literal efficiency of the people is the most important concern for every country to determine its power. In fact, the analysts and the policy makers consider the illiteracy rates can be the most important factor in the region’s or countries human capital with the best reason.

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Illiteracy rates of countries

Based on the recent studies, illiteracy rates are so high among the developing countries like as follows.

  • Arab countries
  • South Asian countries
  • Sub Saharan African countries

In such regions, the illiteracy rates are so common, because the rate is nearly 40 to 50 % of the population. Well, Latin American regions and the East Asian counties are also having the illiteracy rates which range from 10 to 15%.

From the analysis of UNESCO, the countries are listed depending on their illiteracy rates and they are mentioned as follows.

  • Niger – It is an African country which is having the worst literacy rate among all the countries. Here, the adult illiteracy rate is 84.3%.
  • Burkino Faso – This is also an African based country where it is situated in the western African country. There is only 21.8 percent of the adult are literate.
  • Afghanistan – Nearly 21.8 percent of population in this country are literate.
  • Gambia – Here, the illiteracy rate is exceeded about 63.2 percent of population.

Apart from these countries, there are some other countries available where the literacy rate is so worst. By overall, two thirds of the adults in the world are illiterate and mostly female.

In fact, this research shows that the increasing rate of this illiteracy rate may lead to the dangerous situation to the world. Moreover, it also needs the attention to resolve this problem. In most of the causes, the reason for this illiteracy is so many aspects like motivational, social and even family problems too.

However, every human being in this world is having the proper rights to read and write. Moreover, it is a duty and responsibility for a country to give the educational opportunities for the people. So, this could be resolved by the nation by increasing its literacy rate.

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